Two In The Same

by Kiven

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Kiven (Kee-vehn) is authentic music created by four college students based in Southern California. We are influenced by all sorts of bands but the ones who come through prevalently in their songs thus far are Thrice, MuteMath, Minus the Bear, Radiohead, and Incubus.

We approached our new EP with no real goal in mind in terms of sound and had to wrestle with about 12 songs before we went in studio to record these four. We are really proud of what we've done and we can't wait to record more music to share with anyone who wants to listen in the near future.

The band consists of Tyler Demorest, Matt Cohen, Danny Schnair, and Teddy Boldt. They have all been in their fair share of bands and have used that experience to approach Kiven in a very organized, mature manner.

We focus on the songs and how we can share those songs with the masses. It starts with getting a good recording, but the backbone of music is the live experience. We spend a lot of time preparing for our shows to keep crowds interested. Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.


released March 9, 2010

Recorded at Sonikwire Studios California
Mastered by Stephen & Stephanie @ Stephen Marsh Mastering



all rights reserved


Kiven Los Angeles

Kiven is an energetic, talented, multi-faceted rock band hailing from Los Angeles. Truly a live band, their energy, personal interaction, and creative adaptations of their songs all culminate in a show that is well prepared, yet strikingly spontaneous.

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Track Name: Frigid Stares
Cold flood burdening
Drowned out, moving forward
But smoldered
Frigid stares abusing
Who cares?
It’s blue down here

(Don’t stop, get it)
A line defined
I’m enthralled to the wall
It’s something to look for
You never know
It’s something to shoot for
You’re aiming low
You missed your mark this time
Abashed let the whirlwind fly around you
Disorient to come to
A form of clarity

Forward, forward
The water rushing
A deadly art
Pulling down, further now, speaking out
Loving to

It’s closer now
You’re getting through
You’ve almost found
Keep what you’re working on
Close, as if nothing’s wrong
Time wont take it personal

Cold flood thinning
I’m swimming now
Moving forward, forward
Frigid stares are losing
When you care
There’s no blue down here
Track Name: Giving Rights
A story carving in your frail mind
As you fail the time
And run the familiar course
You’re occupied as you ignore the bliss by your side

Are you trapped or just ignorant?
Those who love you best
Flooding your sight as you look past weary eyes
Just to flee tonight

Somehow in front of me
Claiming meagerly
You’re waiting just to understand
One day you’ll reach the end
And in looking back what then?
Is something there to hold my friend?
(nothing left to hold but death)

It’s your decision

A seemly state of incompetence
Stands you at the fence
Puzzled and yearning to
Climb on over just to know what lies on the other side
Your gritty hands clutch the metal bands leaving them again
I'll let you decide
But I wont relieve you now
You picked this route
Track Name: Two In The Same
Call me
Call me crazy
You call me numb

Because love and war are two in the same

Wondering why you see
Your life's paintings on the wall
Just waiting to fall

Because love and war are two in the same
Track Name: What I'm Looking For
Been here before, getting closer again
Feel it’s right again
Bargain between it, you’re bickering for reasons why
Not quite the season
An answer a reason
Why you must fall, is for the pain of it all

Don’t you
Forget to live in the place where the mind
Will want to know
Why you’re moving through
(I don’t know I don’t know what I’m looking for)
Motions, the notion ceases to be moving on
It’s time to go
I hope you’ll get there soon

The easy road by your side

My body flows in fright tonight
The river runs it’s cold delight
Sink, to the floor
And the boat doesn’t fall far from the tree without being cut down